City Creek Turnout

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San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (SBVMWD) owns and operates the City Creek Turnout, located near 6680 Summertrail Place in Highland, CA.  State Water Project (SWP) water is delivered to the City Creek Turnout through the Foothill Pipeline.  SBVMWD proposes to modify the existing Foothill Pipeline City Creek Turnout (Turnout) and construct an 18-inch diameter raw water pipeline with water conveyance appurtenances, such as valves and additional piping, to provide controlled diversions of raw water from the Foothill Pipeline to East Valley Water District’s (EVWD) Water Treatment Plant 134 (Plant 134).

EVWD owns and operates Plant 134, which is a surface water treatment facility located north of Highland Avenue and east of California Highway 330 in Highland, California. In 2008, Plant 134 was converted to a membrane-filtration process for water treatment and has a capacity of 8 million gallons per day (MGD). The raw water supply facilities for Plant 134 were designed to utilize either SWP water via a high-pressure line, local Santa Ana River (SAR) water, or a blend of both waters.

The proposed Project is located in San Bernardino County, California in the cities of Highland and San Bernardino. Project components are located within the Harrison Mountain USGS Quadrangle at Latitude 34°7’56.694”N and Longitude 117°11’23.819”W.

The Project is needed to ensure adequate water deliveries to EVWD’s Plant 134. Objectives of the proposed Project include:

  1. Provide sufficient water deliveries to Plant 134 to meet 8 MGD capacity.
  2. Improve SBVMWD water delivery reliability to Plant 134 and thus improve reliability of water delivery to EVWD customers.
  3. Design, schedule, construct, and operate the Project facilities in a manner that is cost- effective and which minimizes, to the extent feasible, potential adverse public health and safety, and environmental effects.

Modifications to the City Creek Turnout will provide additional facilities to allow SBVMWD to deliver up to 12 cfs of SWP water to EVWD Plant 134.  The modifications would take place on land owned by SBVMWD. The existing concrete vault structure at the Turnout will remain in place. Adjacent to the existing vault structure, a new concrete structure, approximately 1,500 square feet in size, would be built to contain the added appurtenances for the new pipeline. This new structure would be partially buried with an entrance through the side, rather than through the roof, making for easier access for maintenance and for attenuating sound associated with on-going operations of the Turnout. Control valves would be 8-inch ball valves. Butterfly valves would be installed to isolate the turnout station and magnetic flow meters will be installed to measure flow. A drain pipe would be installed to allow dewatering of the pipeline if necessary during maintenance.

The new 18-inch pipeline would be approximately 1,500 feet in length. It would start at the existing City Creek Turnout and be embedded in the existing City Creek Levee. This alignment requires that EVWD obtain an easement from the San Bernardino County Flood Control District. The new pipeline would connect to an existing 16-inch mortar-lined ductile iron pipe which is located under Highland Avenue. This 16-inch pipeline extends for approximately 1,200 feet and terminates at Plant 134.