East Branch Extension of the SWP

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East Branch Extension (EBX) is a State of California Department of Water Resources project. East Branch Extension was conceived by the Department of Water Resources (Department), San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (Valley District) and San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency (Pass) to allow delivery of State Water Project water to the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency Service area and to the Yucaipa Valley and the Mill Creek areas within our district. Valley District contracted with the Department for a supply of water from the State Water Project in 1960 and the Pass contracted for a supply of water in 1962. Pass Water participated in construction of numerous facilities located within the Valley District to convey water easterly from Devil Canyon Powerhouse Afterbay toward the Pass service area which commences at the San Bernardino County, Riverside County line and continues along the San Gorgonio Pass area to the Whitewater River.