Current Conditions

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Statewide Water Conditions

An overview of current statewide hydrologic water conditions is provided below, courtesy of the Department of Water Resources California Data Exchange Center.  The data presented is preliminary and may be subject to revision.

Northern Sierra Precipitation Index - Northern Sierra Precipitation: 8-station index.

Reservoir Storage - Current and historical conditions of major California reservoirs.

Latest Allocation (Entitlement) - View the latest State Water Project Project allocation.


Water Quality

Please note:  Water from the State Water Project is untreated and must be filtered by a treatment plant before being served to customers.  If you are interested in the quality of the water you receive, please contact your water agency and ask them to send you a copy of their consumer confidence report.  This document may also be available through their website.

SWP Southern Field Division Cyanotoxin Monitoring - Sample analysis

Managing Cyanotoxins - Djanette Khiari, Water Research Foundation

Real Time Water Quality and Forecasting Report